9 Models of Terrace Chairs that Create More Homey Relaxing Events

Terrace is arguably an important part of the house, for example to relax and chatting with family or receive guests. It’s incomplete if the porch is empty without filled patio chairs and tables. It’s impossible, you send your guest house standing without a patio chair?

No one can refuse to stop by the clean, shady terrace, and equipped with a unique set of patio chairs. Do not hesitate to choose bright colors on the set of patio chairs because it can be the main attraction on the terrace of your house.

Currently there are many options and models of terraces chair material that you can choose. Like the model of a patio chair that will review now!

Classic with rocking chairs

rocking patio chairs 700x474 - 9 Models of Terrace Chairs that Create More Homey Relaxing Events

Among the busy routine of work and daily activities, everyone must need to relax and rest his body. The rocking model of the model shoe at home can help you to relax after work. You can spend the weekend looking at the garden while relaxing on this patio chair. In addition, the wooden model rocking chairs can also bring a cozy atmosphere and natural accent to your home.

Pretty antique with rattan patio chairs

rattan patio chairs 700x474 - 9 Models of Terrace Chairs that Create More Homey Relaxing Events

Rattan patio chairs can give the impression of beautiful antique on the terrace of your house. But considering the land is now limited, you do not need to install a set of porch chairs in your house. Simply place two or three patio chairs with proper arrangement.

For example, 2 patio chairs that are placed facing off to the right distance will give a minimalist impression that is not too dense on the terrace of your house. The terrace of the house will also look more beautiful with the ventilation and placement of sweet plants as a friend of the terrace chairs at home.

Wooden patio chairs

wooden patio chairs 700x530 - 9 Models of Terrace Chairs that Create More Homey Relaxing Events

Wooden furniture remains a favorite today, including wooden patio chairs. This terrace chair is suitable to be applied on a minimalist terrace that carries the theme of all wood. Starting from the partition until the furniture will make the house look more beautiful natural.

To give comfort when sitting, you can put a chair on the bench. To beautify the look, you can also apply the vertical garden behind the table and patio chairs. The existence of this garden will also make the feel of the terrace feel more fresh and cool.

Terrace chair with a summer touch

summer patio chairs 700x250 - 9 Models of Terrace Chairs that Create More Homey Relaxing Events

Bright colors never wrong to beautify the terrace of the house. For narrow land, combine two different terraces chair models. Note also the layout so as not to make the home terrace looks full.

To create a minimalist terrace with a cheerful summer touch, you can apply with a touch of energetic colors like orange and blue. Present this through small decorations such as wall hangings or flower vases.

Outfit the patio chairs for a special look

special patio chairs 700x475 - 9 Models of Terrace Chairs that Create More Homey Relaxing Events

For those of you who like a special house arrangement can apply wooden patio chairs with white holder. Decorative pillows and sunny patio chairs impressed homey, as well as wooden tables will make the home terrace warm.

Terrace chair folding model

folding patio chairs 700x477 - 9 Models of Terrace Chairs that Create More Homey Relaxing Events

The folding chair is the most desirable and suitable choice for your home furniture outdoor. The advantages of folding model patio chairs are that they can easily be moved from one place to another. This model is suitable to be applied on terraces with narrow land.

With foldable furniture, the terrace of the house can be seen wider. Ornamental plants are also never outdated! Use black or white pots for your plants.

Hanging Patio Chairs

hanging patio chairs 700x361 - 9 Models of Terrace Chairs that Create More Homey Relaxing Events

Everyone must crave a unique and comfortable terrace. You can beautify the terrace of the house with a chair model terrace. Terrace chair this model is usually made from synthetic rattan. With its unique model, this one-room patio chair is able to present a more relaxed impression.

Put two chairs on the porch of the house, add a small table or coffee table where to put a snack or a drink to relax.

Terrace chairs with earth tone feel

Terrace chairs with earth tone feel 700x474 - 9 Models of Terrace Chairs that Create More Homey Relaxing Events

Terrace chairs with earth color palette or earth tone can show the warmth of the house from the outside. You can choose a rattan patio chair with more colors that use plain white cushions.

Combine the patio chairs with plain table to make the natural feel feel stronger. The selection of classic lamps with yellow rays will reinforce the overall terrace design.

Homey With Green Patio Chairs

green patio chairs 700x475 - 9 Models of Terrace Chairs that Create More Homey Relaxing Events

Not only for the room in the house, the sofa is also suitable for use as a terrace chair home. A two-tiered couch will give you a bright view of your home terrace. You can also combine this model’s patio chairs with green plant pots and matching cloth rugs.

Arranging the terrace is actually not difficult, just with a pair of patio chairs plus a simple little table, you can get a comfortable minimalist terrace. Which seat is your favorite?

Things To Look For To Make A Simple Minimalist Home Terrace Design

Although your home includes a simple minimalist home, you also still have to pay attention to the state of your home terrace. Do not make the small size of the house as your reason to ignore the existence of the terrace at home. You should be good at mixing and matching the interior of your minimalist home terrace. some tips and inspiration for your simple minimalist home terrace.

  1. Furniture

Choose furniture that has the same concept, or at least not much different from the existing furniture in the house. In addition, choose the right size. If your home terrace is not too large, use furniture that is small only. Do not use too much furniture, especially those that do not have a clear function. Simply just put a few chairs and a small table with a simple model without too complicated ornaments.

Do not be too excessive because you must be able to adjust to the concept of a minimalist home that puts emphasis on the effectiveness of the function of furniture. It should be remembered also because it is located outside the room, choose furniture materials that are resistant to weather changes such as those made of plastic and iron.

  1. Lights

Although it will get enough sunlight during the daytime, you should still be able to organize the position and shape of the strategic so that no lack of light so it will seem dark and narrow. Maximize the circumstances for the sunlight is quite illuminating and also not excessive in the terrace of your home. To equip it, use also some lights so that at night the condition of your simple minimalist home terrace also remain bright. Choose lights with a slightly yellowish color to create a warmer atmosphere. If you want an elegant atmosphere, can also use a white light.

  1. Plants

Use some live plants to make the atmosphere more lively and fresh. For large plants, place them in large pots that you can put on the floor. As for plants that are smaller, can sweeten the table. You can also choose some specific types of plants suitable to be placed in a hanging pot. Examples of plants that are often used are flower plants, Aloe Species or cactus plant type that does not require much water.

In addition to pots made of clay, you can also create other objects to use. Like a cup, a wicker basket from bamboo, or from a special sewn cloth to plant in it.

  1. Wall and ceramics

On the wall and ceramics, you also need to adjust to the design of your interior theme. However, the minimalist house is likely to use neutral colors on the walls and floors. You can also choose to use bright neutral colors like white, beige, or light gray.

There are things to note also in terms of texture in the selection of ceramic floor. Because usually in the open space, then if there is rain, floors with a flat texture will make the floor becomes slippery. Therefore, use a tiled floor that has a rough texture to avoid being too slippery.