9 Type of Antique Chair to Complete Vintage Interior at Home

Speaking of classic and vintage interior design, furniture components that you use become one of the elements that should not be underestimated. One of them is in the selection of chair models or chair types. Antique chair model has become the most frequent choice to give the impression of elegant, classical and classy that is still loved to this day. In addition, for you fans of vintage interior style, antique chairs are also definitely a complement of the vintage style interior of dreams.

Antique chair style itself is an early stage of the development of furniture technology is actually growing and popular from the 17th century until the 19th century. However, because it is considered to have its own aesthetic value, various models of antique chairs are still produced today.

Confused what kind of antique chairs are roughly suitable to perfect the interior design of your dream home? Take a look at the 9 most popular antique chair models and discover which ones best suit your home’s interior character!

  1. Antique Chairs “Chaise Lounge”

The next model of antique chairs is the antique chaise lounges that became popular in the early 18th century in France and beyond. This antique chair is a “regency” style barstool that only has a backrest on one side only.

Large, this antique chair never fails to give the impression of classy and majestic in the interior of your room, especially on the design of classic houses. This style of chair is also widely produced in a more modern style.

  1. Antique Chair “Berger e”

“Berger e Chair” is a kind of popular antique chairs that are often used to revive the classic past of the interior of the house. This one antique chair is a chair with a backrest and a closed armrest. Usually this antique chair is equipped with a detailed carving details and has a large size.

This antique chair design style was planted in France around the 1725 s and has a distinctive Rococo design style.

  1. Antique Chair “Corner Chair” or Corner Chair

The corner of your room still feels empty? Maybe you need an antique chair this one that is designed to fill the corner of the room. An antique chair with armrests one generally emphasizes the wood material and carvings it has. In some models, the choice of antique chairs is also equipped with pads to make it more comfortable to occupy.

This one antique chair has been in use since the beginning of the 18th century and is very fitting to give the impression of a past more ethnic on the interior design of your house.

  1. Antique Chair “F a u t e u i l”

At first glance, this type of antique seat “F a u t e u i l” looks like an antique seat “Berger e” we discussed earlier. What distinguishes between the two types of antique chairs is the armrests that open on the seat “F a u t e u i l”

The distinctively carved “”F a u t e u i l”” antique chairs also evolved a century earlier than the antique “Berger e” chairs, precisely in the 16th century era in France and beyond. The look of this antique chair is perfect to give an elegant impression on the interior design of your home.

  1. Model of Antique Chair “Gondola”

Compared to previous antique chair models, the next antique chair has a simpler look without excessive shapes and carvings. With a higher holder and a curved back rear with no sleeves supported, this “Gondola” antique seat model is more suitable for functional dining chairs as well as decorative.

This chair has a neoclassical style and became popular in the era of the 1760s in France and beyond.

  1. Antique Chair “Hitchcock”

The antique “Hitchcock” antique chairs are the antique neoclassical antique chairs that resemble the antique “Gondola” chairs discussed earlier. This seat model also has a high seat equipped with rear back. Some models have a sleeve support, and some do not have sleeve support.

With a more rigid shape, which characterizes the antique “Hitchcock” seat is the application of stencil motifs on the seat surface, either on the back of the seat, the seat, up to the seat legs. This antique chair began to develop at the beginning of the 18th century and also includes an antique chair model that began mass produced at the time.

  1. Model of Antique Chair “Morris Chair”

The next antique chair model is an antique chair that flourished in the 1860s. “Morris Chair” is an antique chair with a backrest and a sleek support that has a distinctive feature of the backrest that can be adjusted angle of the slope so that it can be the right chair for leisure use.

Usually this antique chair also comes with a small ottoman chair as a backrest for your feet. See it at a glance, you can already know that this antique chair model is a fitting choice to fill the lounge like your reading room or family room.

  1. Model of Antique Chair “Slipper Chair”

“Slipper Chair” is an antique chair that also developed in the 18th century. The word slipper in this antique chair is given because the seat height is very low, which generally only reach 15 inches. Having details resembling antique “Berger e” chairs or “F a u t e u i l” antique chairs, which distinguish them from those two antique chairs is that there is no arms support at all in the “Slipper Chair” antique chair

Compared to the two antique chairs, “Slipper Chair” has a wider size. This antique chair is usually an option for furniture in the interior of a luxurious living room.

  1. Antique Chair “Windsor Chair”

The latest type of antique chairs we will discuss is an antique chair with a Windsor model. This wooden antique chair has been developed since the early seventeenth century and has a simpler form of model compared to previous antique seats.

This antique chair is strung from slender timber that is arranged into the legs and also the backrest and also the support of the arms. This antique chair model one can be your choice to give the feel of a vintage living room that is not too heavy.

Classic design of various models of antique chairs are never timeless. Despite the many emerging modern versions as well as the more modern model seat designs, antique chairs never lose fans.