How To Choose The Right Sofa For Your Home

Choosing the right sofa for the house you can not do with reckless. You have to think a lot of things for this sofa to be useful with the maximum, together with the house, and of course comfortable to be made sit and sleep. For that, you should pay attention to every detail of the sofa for the choice that you do not disappoint. Here are some ways to choose a sofa that you can practice right now.

  1. Paying attention to Sofa Size First

Before choosing a sofa that has many types and models, determine in advance where the sofa will be located. If the place has been determined, For example in the living room, measure the width of the family room. If you do not have a ruler or a meter can estimate with the width of the hand or the leg span. Once the size is obtained, you can just choose the right sofa for the family room.

Measuring where the sofa is located will make it easier to adjust the size of the sofa to be purchased. Sofa is too big will take up a lot of space so it is not pleasing to the eye or even not fit in the room. The sofa is too small also looks strange because the remaining space can not be utilized properly. Whatever type of sofa is selected, consider the size of the room first.

  1. Consider the Functions of the Sofa

Basically the sofa is used as a seat like a chair. However, for some things, the sofa can also be functioned for many things. For example for a bed because it has a soft surface. Used for places with family as well as other functions which can be tailored for the needs in the owners.

Before buying a sofa, consider the function of the sofa first. If for seating only, select a soft standard to be used to sit for long. If the sofa is used for bed too, choose a super soft and has a thick edge that can also function as a pillow. Think carefully in advance the function of the sofa to be purchased.

  1. Choosing the Right Type

After considering the first point about the size of the room and the second point about its function, you can choose several sofas whose types are presented below.

  • Minimalist sofa

Minimalist sofa is a sofa that has a standard shape and function for the seat only. This type of sofa can be elongated shape and often functioned for guest chairs. In choosing a minimalist sofa, you should consider the comfort of the chair if later used by guests. Before buying, try it first. If you feel less comfortable then choose the other because guests will also feel the same.

  • Sofa Sofa

Casual sofa is usually not too big but also not too small. Its surface is very soft and can be used to relax like drinking tea in the afternoon or for reading. Sofa type is placed in many rooms or places relaxed home so anyone can enjoy the ‘me time’ more comfortable.

  • Foldable Sofa

You who have a house is not too big can use folding couch that can be folded when not in use. This sofa does not take many places so it is recommended for a house that is not too wide. Foldable sofa can be placed in the living room or rooms that have multiple functions. For example a dining room that can be turned into a room to relax.

  • Sofa Bed

Sofa bed is a kind of sofa that in some parts can be drawn so that the feet can be straight. This sofa is perfect placed in the living room that has a TV. You can use this sofa to relax or to lie down while enjoying the show on TV. For some reason, this sofa is also the main function as a bed that saves space in the house.

  • Living Room Sofa

Living room sofa is the last option you can choose if you want to buy a sofa. The sofa is usually a set so that every corner of the living room can be occupied. Before choosing the living room sofa, note in advance the size of the living room that you have does not look full and also crowded.

  1. Choosing the Correct Sofa Color

Although impressed trivial, the color on the sofa is a thing to be thought through. If you have many small children, do not occasionally choose a sofa that has a white or bright colors. This is done because the child must play there. If the sofa is littered, it will be seen clearly if it is white. Choose a color that is dark enough so that dirt or stains that can not be removed can be disguised.

The color of the sofa can also be selected according to the color of the house. Do not choose a sofa with a color that can not blend with the room. If the sofa is placed in the room or the middle room may not be a problem. If put in the living room? Guests will see the sofa look strange and not blend with other furniture.

  1. Determining the Right Sofa Materials

The upholstery material of the sofa should also be used as a consideration before deciding to buy it. The material used for the sofa is diverse and has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the materials upholstery sofa that you can make consideration.

  • Polyester Material

Polyester is a material that is durable enough for any type of sofa. This material is not easily torn so that the sofa you have can be used for years. The lack of polyester material is not waterproof. In addition, the polyester mixed with other materials such as wool is easy to peel off if the use of the sofa is not done well.

  • Cotton Material

We are in a tropical environment is highly recommended choose a sofa with this material. The advantage of cotton is cold when it is occupied. Most of the sofas that are sold in the market use this material though easily torn and easy to absorb water. If there is spilled water, the liquid will go inside so it should be dried as soon as possible.

  • Rayon Material

Rayon is a fabric made from synthetic chemicals. However, this material is easily made to resemble cotton. The advantages of this material is cheap and durable. You can choose a sofa with this material but avoid the fire from this material because it is easily burned.

  • Linen Materials

One of the advantages of linen from other materials is a strong fiber so it is not cheap damaged when used. This material is widely recommended although care must be taken periodically. Linen is known to be so dirty that it needs to be cleaned regularly so that the stains are not stuck and hard to clean.

  1. Consider Buying Prices

The right sofa for the house is not only that has a nice shape and color that can blend with the entire furniture. The right sofa also has a reasonable price and in accordance with its function. You are advised not to buy a sofa that is too expensive but does not have high power. Better to buy a normal sofa but can be used properly.

Here are some ways you can practice when choosing a sofa. Hopefully it can give you a clear view before choosing the right sofa for your home.