Let’s Decorate The Room With A Beautiful Carpet Mandala!

Do you often watch about beauty and programming? Not only are your focus people needless to say, indirectly your vision must arrive at checking the background decor of the room where the shooting was plastering the space from the program.

Decorating rooms that steal your attention can be a wide cloth or perhaps a mandala carpet using a number of colors. These fabrics are called mandala rugs, which are often the targets of recent room decorations. Who does not need to have a room using the room decor now really wet? You can arrange rooms ala-a la using the room decor in this room.

Mandala Permadani 700x700 - Let's Decorate The Room With A Beautiful Carpet Mandala!

Before adding the decoration of the alias area of ​​the mandala rug, here are the main things you need to study and consider seriously. Let’s see how you can decorate the room using a mandala rug!

What is a Mandala Sala Rug?

First what you need is what it is and where it drops on the mandala rug. Mandala rug is a room or room decoration manufactured from 100% cotton. The rug itself really is a high quality, durable, leather-friendly carpet or fabric.

The mandala motif itself is a geometric representation of the universe in the symbolism of Hinduism and Buddhism. Though in line with the psychic, mandala rug means a symbol in the dream, representing the dreamer’s quest for completeness and oneness of self.

This one-room decor is inspired by hippie artwork. The Mandala tapestry is also the hallmark of hippie style interior design. The colors that appear different, some are full of colors there also have a neutral color.

The use of room decor is also varied. Can be used as wall decoration, bed cover or bedspread, desk cover, up to bedroom wall decoration.

Changing Poster As Room Decoration

If in 1990-2000s your living room decoration is full of your movie poster, game, or idol group. Now you can replace the poster using this one room decoration type. Hanging mandala rugs helps fill the void of innocent walls.

There is another way to hang this rug. As one of the choice of wall decoration rooms, mandala rugs can be flexible room decor. Attach a rug that has a rod or curtain rod. Sew the top with a straight rug you can until there are no wrinkles to retain the uncombed rug along with the curtain rod that is not heavy on the reverse side. Insert the bar at the top of the stitching puncture. Then, put the tapestry to the side of the wall you want.

In addition to the help of curtain rods, may also use a nail or pin thrust. You can nail rug directly to the wall using a nail, or use a push pin if the rug you choose is light enough. This is best for looser woven carpets. Carpets may be hung on the nails through crevices of webbing.

You can add some LED lights or hanging lamps as room decorations that you can hold the carpet. The addition of lights will radiate warmth in the room. Add beads cover to maximize your room decor. This blanket fits perfectly with the hippie theme. Some pillows can also be added, from neutral-colored decorative pillows, plain motifs to shapes with small flower flowers.

The Mandala rugs can even be the right backdrop to meet the needs of those who choose nostalgia. You can add an image sheet by hanging it in front with a rug. Before bedtime, you can remember past events with relatives and friends.

Time for Your Room Window Decorated with Mandala Decorating Room Decorations

Thankful you have a window in the room, to help you glance at the sun and your living room from the humidity. However, the sunlight that enters through the window may also be too dazzled, until you have to wake up from sleep.

One strategy to keep sleep undisturbed but to keep the window in your mind is to hang a rug while watching the window rather than the curtains. Sunlight may disappear with that without decorating the room makes the room moist. You can still open the room window for air circulation to spin.

Room Decorating Your Room’s Heavens

Still the same about hanging, but this one room decor changes the address. No longer hanging or attached to the wall. Whatever the shape of the ceiling you have, the minimalist ceilings, the rugs can decorate your living room ceiling.

Basically, the installation of tapestries on the ceiling is similar to hanging on the walls of the room. Hanging the decor of this room on the ceiling of the room is a great idea for you personally who builds a more unique atmosphere space.

The decoration of this room hanging on the ceiling will create a space between the floors with a short ceiling. However, for all of us who want to feel like being in a big tent, you really can do this.

There are many types of rugs that you can choose to decorate the bedroom, including a tapestry with long tassels. You can hang the rug quite loosely, thus forming the arch down. The feathers of the rugs enhance the impression of the beach in a room.

Secondly, there is a transparent tapestry mandala. This type of rug You can decide to decorate the area if you do not need to install floor lamps. As you tap the rugs on the ceiling, the lights are still visible beneath the fabric.

You can also choose a rug with a super large size that you realize. Yes, it sounds weird, but you can anticipate a fantastic rug. Fold or fold the rug into a smaller fold. As you hang a tapestry on the ceiling, tuck the ends of the folds around the ceiling, allowing the folds of fabric to fall and from the arch. This room decor turns a room into a big, comfortable tent!

Decoration Room with Mandala Mattress On Mattress

In addition to soft pillows and bed sheets, you can beautify and add comfort to the mattress with a rug. Indeed, the rug does not have a significant function. However, a thin rug you can use as a mattress mattress after the bedsheets. You just buy the plain sheet you want and cover it with a rug.

Tapestry Mandala Tapestry with Floor

Mandala rugs are also suitable if you need to make the decor of this room as a carpet. Geometric images can fill areas or possibly floor area well. The right carpet can make the area look broad and not empty. Warm colors like brown and slightly old can be a great choice because of the choice of your favorite rug.

Similarly, using the ceiling, sometimes the bottom is not too concerned. In fact, the floor is an effective medium-sized decor that you already know. For example by wearing a haircut or carpet.

You may have a favorite space of your favorite programming style through the versatile room decor. It has a room with a beautiful decoration is not complicated, the evidence uses this mandala carpet. Interested to try?