The Right Type of Guest Chairs for Your Home

In addition to the bedroom and bathroom, part of the house that must be designed or styled properly is the living room. In this place you have to put the right guest chair so that guests who come to feel comfortable. Do not arbitrarily choose a guest chair just because the model and color alone. Choose a comfortable guest chair for your home.

Before you decide to buy the right guest chair. It’s good you know some types of guest chairs are sold in the market along with the materials used. Here are the types of guest chairs you can use for consideration.

Type of Guest Chairs Based on the model

Guest chairs have quite a lot of models on the market. Your task is to know one by one to be tailored to the living room you have.

  1. Seated Guest Chairs

Seated guest seats usually consist of 3-5 separate seats. Each seat can be arranged in such a way that you can get the shape of L or U shape adjusting to the area of ​​the living room owned. This type of guest chair is perfect for you who like to change the position of the seat because they feel bored or want a new atmosphere.

  1. Chesterfield Guest Chairs

Maybe you are less familiar with the name, but this type of guest chair is widely used in big cities. Guest chair with this type has holes in the backrest. The hole that jutted into it contains buttons that have a matching color with the seat upholstery. Collection of buttons will form a unique and slightly inflated rectangular pattern. One more feature of this model guest chair is the armrest and backrest has the same height.

  1. Camelback Guest Chairs

Camelback guest chairs have a corrugated backrest like the hump of a camel. This type of chair is usually used for 2-3 people and is perfect for living room. The advantages of this type of guest chair is the elegant look that can make the guest more comfortable and admire your home.

  1. Divan Guest Chairs

Guest chairs do not all have a backrest. If you want a rather eccentric guest chair but still stylish, try this guest room divan chairs. This type of chair usually consists of several sections that are almost identical to the guest seats segmented. You can set each segment according to the shape of the living room. Oh yes, because this type of chair does not have a backrest, you can add pillows instead of back so guests do not lean back directly to the wall and make clothes they use so dirty.

  1. Guest Chairs Cabriole

Cabriole guest chairs have a uniqueness on the legs. When viewed closely, the legs of this chair are slightly curved below. The naming of the cabriole itself is based on the ballet movement. The cabriole type guest chair is a classic type chair that was widely used in the 18th century in the French region. Currently this type of chair is widely produced and in demand by many people because it has a uniqueness on the legs and also the back of a fairly comfortable.

  1. Chaise Guest Chairs

The chaise guest chairs have an elongated shape and the backrest is only on the corner. This chair is almost similar to the type of divan although it does not have segments that can be adjusted as needed. This chaise suitable chairs are also used as a resting place for guests if you do not have a guest bedroom.

  1. Bridgewater Guest Chairs

Guest chair with bridgewater type has a design that is quite unique on the arm and also the backrest. In contrast to the Chasterfield type between the arms and the high parallel backs. The bridgewater type has a higher backrest. The arms on the left and the right side look lower, so the guest is more comfortable leaning and positioning his hands on the arm of the chair.

  1. Guest Chairs English

By design, the English chair is almost the same as the type of bridgewatery described above. Both have arm rolls on the side and a higher back. What distinguishes between the two is the arm of the guest chair is a little thick and has a double layer. This model seat was widely used in the UK hundreds of years ago. Although it is an old design, this chair still sells and is in demand by many people.

  1. Contemporary Guest Chairs

The contemporary guest chair is a kind of guest chair that blends modern and traditional elements well. Usually the upper part of the chair uses the classic models, while the bottom and also the skeleton use metal to give a fairly strong modern impression. The advantages of this type of chair is its ability to adjust to whatever room you have.

  1. Guest Chairs Minimalist

Minimalist guest chair is a guest chair that does not have a much detail both on the surface and also the frame. This type of chair is usually used for minimalist houses that want simplicity. Minimalist type seats are usually segmented, so they are easily moved from one place to another.

Type of Guest Chairs by Material

The chairs on the market are made of several different materials. These materials can be selected according to taste and also the level of comfort that will be given to the guests.

  1. Wooden Guest Chairs

The wooden living chairs use wood as the main constituent. This chair can be combined with a soft or pure foam element from the wood all. Types that combine between wood elements and foam elements can also be the type of cabriole or camelback that many people in demand.

For those of you who like wood components as a whole can choose the type of teak chair guests are sturdy and well polished. On the armrest or arm of this type of chair usually has a unique carving to add to its beauty perfectly.

  1. Rattan Guest Chair

No rattan wood is finished. The saying seems not wrong and can be applied to the guest chair this rattan. Chairs with rattan material usually made with a unique wicker model. The arm of the chair, backrest, and holder almost all made of rattan material. If you are worried that guests feel uncomfortable with the surface of all rattan, on the holder can be added a pillow or foam as a coating.

Rattan guest chairs can also be combined with wood for the wicker frame. You can choose it according to your preference for the living room you own.

  1. Metal Guest Chairs

Guest chair next made of metal on the part of the frame. This chair can be combined with elements of fabric and also foam to support comfort. This metal guest chair is perfect for you who want simplicity in the living room, so there is no need to include heavy elements such as wood.

These are the types of guest seats to choose from for your Home. Hope to add your reference!