Tips for Choosing a TV Table as Your Home Needs

In the modern era today, almost all homes have a TV that serves as a means of entertainment as well as a mandatory information media. In order for the TV to be enjoyed by all loved ones well, it’s required a TV table. Currently there are various models of TV tables that not only serve to put the TV alone, but also can be a sweetener room and add to the beautiful interior of the house.

How to choose the type of TV table that suits the needs and conditions of the house to make the interior of the house slicker? Here’s the review.

Choose a Matched Table Size

Before deciding to buy a TV table, make sure you already know how large the living room or other room where the television will be placed. Choose a TV table that can accommodate the size of the size of the television and other electronic objects such as speakers, D v d player, tape, and so forth. Therefore, choose a TV table that is in accordance with the size of the room, not too big and not too small.

Choose the Right Design

Choosing a TV table should also consider the model or design. If your house classified as a minimalist and modern house, you can choose a minimalist TV table design simple and modern look. If your home’s interior design is of a classic or vintage type, you can choose a carved wooden TV table model or a teak TV table that will reinforce the ethnic impression of your home.

Select Quality Material

Currently the TV table is available in a wide selection of materials. You can choose a table made of wood, plywood, glass, or a combination of wood and glass. The wooden TV table is the most powerful table when compared to other TV tables. Wood has a better strength than other TV table materials.

Wooden table

Wood consists of two large classes of hardwood and softwood. Woods that include hardwoods include teak, mahogany, and acacia wood. While the wood belonging to the type of softwood, among others, pine wood and cypress wood. Softwood has a texture that is easily scratched and requires extra care.

TV tables made of soft or hardwoods both require treatment like a polisher reset after several years to keep the table always looking like new. To choose a good quality wooden table, you can ask the seller about the wood material used and note the visible texture. Each type of wood has a different texture. Especially if you choose the type of teak, typical texture of teak wood and patterns that look on the surface of the wood will be seen clearly.

In addition to the above intact wood, there are also plywood materials are widely used as a TV table maker. Plywood is a kind of artificial wood material produced by the factory. This type of material is not as strong as whole wood, but the price is very friendly in the bag so that the demand is also quite high.

In addition, the plywood TV table is also lighter, so for you who often redecorate the room can consider this table made as an option because it is very easy to move. In addition to lightweight, the plywood TV table also comes in a variety of bright colors and varied designs, so the choice of design that you can choose more varied.

One of the things to note if you decide to choose a plywood TV table is do not forget to clean it every day and do not place it in a damp place. Although these plywood are labeled with antiphonals, but if they are placed in a damp, mushrooms still easily appear in the wood. How to clean this type of TV table is easy enough that use a dry cloth and then clean periodically every one or two-days.

Glass table

TV table made of glass can also be an option for you who like the practicality. Although this type of table has a risk of breaking and not as strong as wood, but easy to clean. For the treatment, you only need to use a damp cloth to clean it regularly.

TV tables are also made from wood and glass combination. This type of table could be a modern TV table or an ethnic TV table depending on the design. TV table made of this combination has advantages in the appearance. This table looks nice, classy, ​​and can beautify the interior of the room. Given the constituent material is a combination of wood and glass, then how to clean it must also use a wet cloth and wipe dry depending on which part is being cleaned.

Choose a Color that Fits

In addition to choosing the size and quality of a good and sturdy material, you should also consider the right colors for the TV table of your choice. If the color of your house wall is white, do not choose a white colored table as well. This will make the room feel bland. It would be better if you choose another color that is more contrast but can be combined with the interior design of the room.

If you are having trouble choosing what colors are right, you can choose a neutral table color like black or brown. Especially for modern TV desks that are placed in a modern residential concept, maybe you can choose bright colors that blend in.

TV tables may look like trivial furnishings, but in fact this one furniture should get more attention because it is often placed in the living room. Family rooms are often located near the living room making it accessible to many people. In addition, when certain days when relatives gather, the living room can be a comfortable place to talk. Given the location of the TV table in this space, it would be wise if you pay attention to the tips to choose a TV table that matches the interior of the room before you buy it.

If you want to put the TV in another room like the bedroom, you need to consider whether to use a simple TV table or use a TV rack. If your bedroom is relatively small, you can choose a bracket or TV rack attached to the wall. This type of shelf is very space saving and practical. But if you have a bedroom that is spacious enough, you can choose different types of TV table in accordance with the concept and interior design of your room.